About Us

Our Facility

The Northern Kentucky Children's Advocacy Center (NKYCAC) is located at 4890 Houston Road in Florence. Its location in Boone County is convenient to the heart of Northern Kentucky population growth. The location of NKCAC also provides easy access to rural counties with its easy access to I71/75 and I275.

Our facility includes medical examination rooms, victim interview and observation rooms, therapy rooms, reception and waiting areas, family meeting areas, conference areas and professional offices.

The new center building, opened in 2009, has been designed to be child-friendly, safe and inviting for children. Children were the focal point of the exterior and interior facility design. Providing children an environment that is safe, warm, comforting, inviting and culturally diverse is imperative, because it allows children the opportunity to talk about what has happened and take that first step toward healing and recovery from the horrific effects of child abuse. 

In summary, the NKCAC facility fully embraces the mission of the center: focusing on the well being of the child by providing an opportunity to assist and support the key professionals who dedicate themselves to the protection of children.