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Kids Calming Kits


     Attorney General Andy Breshear along with the NKYCAC announced the summer kick-off for the "Kids Calming Kits" for children seen at the NKYCAC.

     "NKYCAC has received over 400 backpacks from an anonymous donor and we now want to fill those backpacks with items like stress balls, blank notebooks and markers.  These items will help children manage their feelings of being sad, angry, and frustrated, and will provide them with activities to help them get through the pain and anguish" said Vickie Henderson, NKYCAC Executive Director.

     NKYCAC sees over 800 children a year at the center and for many of those children, the emotions and stress they are feeling become overwhelming. The "Kids Calming Kits" will be backpacks filled with items to help encourage healthy coping skills for children who have experienced traumatic events.  Many children seen at the NKYCAC have experienced at least one trauma and have felt immediate threat to themselves or to a loved one, often followed by serious injury or harm. Children feel terror, helplessness or horror at what they are experiencing and the inability to stop it or protect themselves or others.

     Coping skills help children manage their emotions which is important for their social and emotional development.  Healthy coping skills help to create resiliency, self-regulation skills, and a strong sense of self.  Having these kits on hand will help children gain back their confidence and help them deal with the emotions they feel every day.

 How you can help

 You can help fill the Kid's Calming Kits by providing some of the following items for the children:


Play Dough                                                   Crayons/Colored Pencils

 Silly putty/ clay                                           Bubbles

Stress Ball                                                    Journals

Coloring Book                                               Pens

Mandala Book                                              Slinky

Finger paint                                                100-piece puzzle

Fidget spinner                                             Bottle of water

Small set of Legos                                       Scratch doodle pad

Activity book                                               Snacks

Yoga hand positions that help with stress               

Lavender scented lotion (Lavender is known to be calming)        

Something that is soft:    blanket, stuffed animal, beanie baby                                                                               

If you want to support the NKYCAC and this amazing project, please contact the center at

(859) 442-3200 or email to set up a time to drop off your items.            

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